At TSS we are dedicated to helping businesses achieve next level results.

We provide seamless, flexible and highly effective recruitment solutions to suit all types of industries, scenarios and objectives.

By choosing TSS we offer you handpicked, fully vetted candidates that are immediately available and backed by our no risk, 3-month replacement guarantee.

We advertise on your behalf and conduct preliminary checks behind the scenes (phone, interview & reference checks). This seamless process guarantees that businesses receive the best quality candidates available in the market and that they save loads of time.

There are ZERO financial commitments throughout the whole recruitment process. The only time the terms come into effect is when candidate commences employment with a business.

Rest assured all communications with Total Selling and Staff Solutions are strictly confidential. We’re here to help your business succeed!

Simply contact us here or on 1300 283 385 and we will take care of the rest.


why choose total staff solutions?

our top 10

  1. Allows your company to focus on it’s core business activities.
  2. Spend valuable time on developing new business opportunities.
  3. Cost effective considering the recruitment process plus the advertising and opportunity costs.
  4. Constant communication with a large number of ‘passive’ job seekers who may be unaware of your vacancies.
  5. Obtain access to a wide range of candidates who may not have previously considered working for your company.
  6. Trained in the techniques of screening and interviewing candidates.
  7. Our ‘guaranteed replacement’ policy makes using Total Staff Solutions a very low risk option.
  8. Total Staff Solutions can quickly and precisely determine suitability, reference check and coordinate interviews daily.
  9. Access to comprehensive market data keeps Total Staff Solutions well informed on trends, benchmarks and recruitment legislation.
  10. Using Total Staff Solutions reduces the stress and expense that usually comes with making poor or rushed hiring decisions.