To create a happy, productive workforce within your business, Total Selling Solutions provides opportunities for training and growth on-site for your staff. Matching the types of training to your employee’s needs will ensure they receive the information they need, in the format best suited for them.

Total Selling Solutions has been delivering on-site training nationally since 2006. The TSS specialist training team can deliver customised training to meet your performance and benchmark requirements.

Immediately tap into and unplug the years of experience developed from delivering on-site training to multiple businesses at different locations across the nation.

There are multiple training options available, delivered in a variety of methods including on-site and remote, that can also be blended to suit any needs of your business no matter where you’re located.

Get your business back on track by allowing TSS to evaluate your business and discussing your requirements to have your staff perform at their best.

With a variety type of training methods available for your business, there’s never been more quality options available to have your staff perform at their best.


Instructor-led Training

Traditional type of employee training that’s delivered in the training room, with our trainer presenting the material.

Hands-On Training

Growth training focused on the individual needs of the employee, and conducted directly on the job. Hands-on training can help employees fit perfectly into their upcoming or current role.

Management Group Discussion & SPECIFIC Activities

Management group discussion and activities allow multiple managers to train at once, in an environment where peer collaboration and brainstorming activities can deliver exceptional results.

Management-specific activity training that’s focused on the needs of managers. They may include simulations, team building exercises, role-playing, or focusing on best practices.


Role-playing specifically asks employees to work through one aspect of their job in a controlled scenario. They’ll be asked to consider different points-of-view and think on their feet as they work through the role-playing activity.

Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring share similar qualities to hands-on training, but in this type of employee training, the focus is on the relationship between an employee and a coach.


Regular FREE webinars delivered with a combination of training content plus a Q&A throughout. Blending multiple people over different states, voicing their challenges, with our training team answering questions live. Everyone learns off others in this format.

Documented Training practices

There are modules readily accessible through a free download via our website library and online store.