AutoSmart User Agreement

By submitting the AutoSmart Order Form, you agree to comply with the below terms.

You declare that you have full authority to act on behalf of the organisation whose details are lodged in the AutoSmart order form.

You declare that the information provided is accurate.

You acknowledge that Total Selling Solutions will act on your behalf to submit the relevant documentation to their SMS supplier. 

You acknowledge that the use of “AutoSmart” SMS is to be used purely for what it is intended for (Following up guests via SMS who have recently contacted the organisation/dealership directly to purchase or utilise their services) and will comply with Total Selling Solutions Fair Use Policy.

It is strictly not to be used as an SMS marketing tool (e.g. SMS Blast campaigns). Any misuse will result in the immediate termination of the program with the organisation being responsible to pay any additional charges and take on any implications associated with misconduct.

You acknowledge that any misconduct associated with the numbers supplied (Security incidents, fraud, ACMA spam act, and other forms of abuse and/or misuse) will remain the sole responsibility of the organisation lodged in this form. Total Selling Solutions relinquishes any responsibility associated with this matter.