In the competitive world of sales, confidently setting appointments will significantly boost your performance and help you achieve your targets.

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned sales professional or just embarking on your sales career, mastering the skill of engaging potential customers effectively is crucial. Below, we introduce you to five key tactics that will transform how you set appointments, ensuring every call moves you a step closer to a successful sale. Additionally, we’ve included a few extra tips, drawing upon industry insights to refine your strategy further. Prepare to enhance your sales approach as we explore these fundamental techniques designed to improve your appointment-setting skills and, consequently, increase your rate of closing deals.

  1. Adopt a Helping Mindset
    Remember to approach each phone call with the mindset, ” I’m going to help this person as much as I can.” This attitude lays the foundation for a positive and supportive interaction, demonstrating your commitment to meeting the caller’s needs.
  2. Personalise the Conversation
    Initiate the conversation by exchanging names, making a concerted effort to use the caller’s name at least three times during the conversation. This personal touch helps to establish rapport and makes the caller feel acknowledged and valued.
  3. Build Trust Early On
    Build trust with the caller before proposing an appointment. Engage them with open-ended questions about their needs, such as their reasons for choosing a particular car, their budgetary considerations, and details about any trade-ins. This approach demonstrates your interest in their unique situation and sets the stage for a relationship based on trust.
  4. Reflect and Validate Needs
    After gathering information, reiterate the caller’s needs back to them, confirming your understanding of their situation. This not only shows that you have been actively listening but also enables you to articulate a compelling reason for why visiting the dealership is in their best interest, tailored to their specific needs.
  5. Seal the Appointment
    Once a mutual understanding has been reached and the caller recognises the value in visiting the dealership, secure an appointment by agreeing on a date and time. Follow this up by sending a text message to confirm the appointment details, including the agreed time, your name, and the dealership’s address. This step reinforces the commitment on both sides and provides the caller with a convenient reference, increasing the likelihood of a successful appointment.

Here are our BONUS Tips to take your strategy to the next level:

  1. Leverage Your Advantage
    Did you know customers only visit 1.4 dealerships on average? This means if you appoint your caller and they show up, you will have a 71% chance in closing that caller first time round.
  2. Utilise Unique Selling Points for the Appointment
    Emphasise experiences that cannot be replicated online, such as test drives, trade-in appraisals, and financing approval processes. Highlighting these unique in-dealership experiences can significantly increase the likelihood of a guest deciding to visit.
  3. Offer Specific Choices
    When proposing appointment times, always give the guest specific alternatives rather than open-ended questions. This technique, known as alternative choice closing, makes it easier for the guest to make a decision and commit to an appointment time. Examples include offering two distinct days or specific times within a day.
  4. Create Urgency and Need
    Use information gathered during the conversation to craft compelling reasons for the guest to visit the dealership sooner rather than later. This could be a special sale, limited stock availability, or an exclusive offer. Making the guest feel like visiting is an opportunity not to be missed can significantly boost appointment rates.

Perfecting the art of appointment setting is an invaluable skill in the sales industry, capable of turning potential leads into loyal customers. By implementing these five key tactics, along with our bonus tips, you’re not only enhancing your approach to sales but also significantly increasing your chances of success. Remember, the goal is to make every caller feel valued and understood, providing them with compelling reasons to choose your dealership for their needs. With these strategies in hand, you’re well on your way to mastering the fine art of appointment setting, paving the way for a flourishing sales career.

Master Your Appointment Setting With 5 Key Tactics + BONUS